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Goalkeeper Academy

Where: Merle Logan Turf, Nanaimo

When:  Monday September 17th 2018 - November 12th 2018

Times:  U9-U13 @ 5:30-6:45pm

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HCFC club goalkeepers will have an opportunity to take part in goalkeeper training this spring. This 8 week program covers many fundamental aspects of goalkeeping in a fun environment where young players can develop their passion for playing goalkeeper!

For the U9-U12 age group, the Academy will provide an introduction to goalkeeper. The approach for this group is to work and develop the fundamentals of the position. There will be a strong technical focus in the following areas:

Receiving the ball: Goalkeepers will learn different techniques for receiving the ball into the body from various heights (low, mid, and chest height balls). A large part of this component is allowing the goalkeeper to develop their "set position", which will they are balanced and able to move towards the ball in an athletic way. 

Collapsing and diving technique: Goalkeepers will learn proper diving technique that allows them to make contact with the ground in a safe and efficient way to save the ball. The focus of this component is to develop a strong understand of how to "attack the ball" from service on the ground or in the air.

Footwork and handling: In order for the goalkeeper to defend their goal, it is essential that they develop the balance and agility required to move in an athletic way in the goal. The Academy will have a strong focus on foot speed and coordination in order for the development of fundamental movement skills for the position. 

For the U13-18 age group, the Academy will build off the areas in the first session. Goalkeepers in this group will continue to develop their fundamental skills, but also work on the following areas:

Shot stopping: This area develops the goalkeepers positional sense, where they apply the fundamental techniques of receiving the ball in the goal and incorporate proper positioning in the goal. 

Reactions: Goalkeepers will work on developing quicker reaction time in order to develop their ability to save close range shots and shots that take deflections on their way to goal.

1v1 situations: Goalkeepers will learn and develop the specific techniques required to close space and win the ball when faced with a 1v1 situation with an attacking player.

Distribution: There will be a strong focus on how the goalkeeper plays while in possession of the ball. Kicking off the ground, out of hands, and throwing techniques will be a focus of every session. 

The GK academy will be run by club Goalkeeper Lead Geoff Hackett and his goalkeeping staff. Each goalkeeper will receive a jersey and a pair of gloves. 


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